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About Me

Passionate About Sound

I am a Canadian artist based in Berlin. Experimentation is the core of my artist work. My music expresses how I feel without words, which can be inflexible as the core of my being is complex and dynamic, accepting all the pieces of my soul. I connect my inner self to my music with light and darkness, feminine and masculine, alongside many hues and shades of color. My background is in piano, singing, flute, and dance. I love rhythm and ambience, adding alternate layers to my pieces.  The vast world we live in creates an atmosphere for continual inspiration and creativity wherever I go. People, traffic and nature play a substantial part of my inspiration for my music, opening new doorways into my craft. I use field recordings to capture the essence of my sound along with sound design, which allows me to discover ways to manipulate and transform the sounds recorded and add them into an electronic track without expectation, paired with analog and digital synthesizers. Being a highly sensitive artist, I deeply listen and feel every sound I hear, imagining how I can warp and mutate the sound into something completely different. Leading it into a piece of storytelling art I, and anyone listening, can lose themselves in. With that, I learn new ways to allow myself to be creative and produce deep hypnotic tracks. My artistic self keeps me in the moment and enjoys every second of it.

Making music is a passion of mine, producing and experimenting with many genres, foley acting, sound design for film and media, mixing and mastering. Please enjoy deeply.

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